Supporting Initiatives for establishment of structures for consultation and coordination

In the context of devolved government system, the agriculture sector established the Joint Agricultural Sector Consultation and Coordination Mechanism (JASCCM) as a framework for consultation and cooperation in line with the Intergovernmental Relations Act 2012. The primary focus and backbone of JASCCM is to strengthen cooperation and consultation between the two levels of government, and to support coordination at both the national and county levels. ASDSP II relies heavily on JASCCM in pursuit of this outcome. The output is realized through the established structures both at National and county levels:

National level structures


This structure provides regular direction for sector transformation initiatives agreed between the two levels of government (National and county), and follows-up upon Intergovernmental Forum meetings. A specific role of the JASSCOM is to oversee the functioning of the Joint Agriculture Intergovernmental Secretariat (JAS-IGS) and the Joint Agriculture Sector Technical Working Groups (JAS-TWG) to ensure that decisions and resolutions are circulated to and implemented by relevant entities within the two levels of government.


The main function of NPS is to give technical and strategic capacity support to the counties and linkages at national level i.e. The NPS further:

  1. Coordinates implementation of the programme and
  2. Implements national specific value chain development (VCD) activities.

County level structures

County Agriculture Sector Steering Committee (CASSCOM) (Formerly CSC)

The Inputs, Projects and Programs Sector Working Group (SWAG) supported the review of County Agriculture Sector Steering Committee (CASSCOM) description document with the aim of ensuring efficiency and accountability of all projects and programs in the agriculture sector at the county level. CASSCOM is anchored on Legal Notice (No. 2 of 2012) on Establishment of Joint Committees in Agriculture Sector under (Intergovernmental Relations Act) 2012 and is mandated is to:

  1. Establish multidisciplinary structures for coordination of agricultural sector in counties
  2. Develop instruments for operation and accountability of the coordination structures
  3. Foster collaborations and linkages with public and private institutions in the management and delivery of agricultural programs and services
  4. Support implementation or development of Policies/ strategies/ regulations/ plans/ legislations of relevance to sector

County Programme Secretariats (CPSs)

The approach applied for analysis of NPS was also applied to CPSs to determine their functions and ideal management structure.  CPS are not expected to implement the programme at county level but to coordinate activities of the VCA, and to facilitate establishment of county level VCOs where they do not exist.

Umbrella organizations

The program is striving to ensure that other pertinent structures that will steer its achievements in phase II such as the umbrella organizations of private sector actors and civil society organizations at the two levels are functioning and are operational. With the completion of the Strategic Integrated Value Chain Action Plans (SIVCAPS) and involvement of stakeholders in development of extended concepts, these will be realized.

Other institutional frameworks in the agriculture sector supported by ASDSP II

1) Proposed Ministerial Executive Committee:

The ministry has proposed a Ministerial Executive Committee (MEC) whose institutionalization will resolve the problem of uncoordinated actions and decisions within and by the ministry. The MEC is therefore the core substance of the ministerial coordination mechanism and brings together for joint decision making, the Principal Secretaries and Chief Administrative Secretaries under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary (CS). Draft document for MEC structure is yet to be operationalized


The Sectoral Working Agriculture Groups (SWAGs) are the technical arms of JASSCOM.

  • Facilitated the development of operational procedures and guidelines for established structures
  • Supported milestones for establishing County Agriculture Sector Steering Committee(CASSCOM)
  • Support operationalization of the established structures