Climate smart agriculture, livestock and fisheries (CSA) and Green Growth (GG) is agricultural development that increases value chain productivity while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The programme ‘s approach   in identifying and supporting the CSA and GG technologies is through  analysis of  PVC suitability maps and climate forecasts  i.e. participatory scenario planning (PSP) processes in order to come up with  mitigation and or  adaptation  measures.

In supporting  CSA and GG interventions, the programme recognizes that women and youth value  chain actors are vulnerable to climate change effects and therefore, will purpose to ensure that the most appropriate interventions are promoted and supported for  implementation through partnerships and alliances.

Some of the mitigation measures include:

      • Solar power interventions e.g. solar powered water pumps for irrigarion, solar powered cooling systems in dairy
      • Silage making
      • Water conservation technologies e.g. drip irrigation
      • Conservation and protection of breeding sites in fisheries

Examples of adaptation measures to be promoted

      • Pasture conservation
      • Bio gas generation
      • Drought tolerant crop varieties and livestock species
      • Utilization of climate forecasts for local decision making